04 December, 2012

Napoleon For My Father

It's Starting by Yuji_in_Paris
It's Starting, a photo by Yuji_in_Paris on Flickr.
I just talked about my father on my last post. He used to hate Christmas when I was a little kid. He used to be a difficult parent, indeed.

For many Japanese people, the New Year's Day is more important than Christmas.

But people do enjoy Christmas (in Japanese ways).

It's considered to be a romantic day for lovers, and of course it's the day children receive Christmas gifts.

I don't have any good Christmas memories from my childhood because of my father.

He used to say "we are Buddhists, we don't celebrate Christmas!"

I am not sure how serious he was... anyway, it's true he hated Christmas.

After my mother passed away, he changed little by little. He met some wonderful Christian people, and he became a Christian.

He even got baptized this summer!

Last Christmas, I sent him a Christmas gift for the first time.

He said, "thank you! This is from God!"

I wanted to say, "excuse me, but I think it's from me..."

What I sent him was a bottle of Napoleon. I will probably send him another bottle this year...

It's my way of saying "sorry, I am not coming back to Japan..."

Yuji xxx

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