28 November, 2012

Haiku in Foreign Languages

Vintage Bench Monday by Yuji_in_Paris
Vintage Bench Monday, a photo by Yuji_in_Paris on Flickr.
A good friend of mine gave me a haiku book in French.

The first haiku that caught my eyes is this one.

Ce matin l'automne - 
dans le miroir 
Le visage de mon père (Murakami Kijo) 

I love it when I understand French!

More than that, I was deeply moved by the beauty of haiku in French. I didn't know this haiku in Japanese, but I perfectly understood the idea behind this work.

If I translate the same haiku into English, it will be like this.

Autumn morning -
in the mirror
My father's face (translated by Yuji)

Well, this is not beautiful nor poetic at all. I can't believe I'm Japanese and I used to work as a translator!

By the way, what is haiku? My favorite description is " a dew drop of poesy." I read this in an English haiku book, which I don't remember the title of.

Another friend of mine in Germany just released his electronic poem book.

I don't understand German (except "prost") but the last chapter is written in English, which I enjoyed a lot! 

Here, he does a wonderful "Schüttelreim" playing with words so cleverly. 

Maybe one day I will also write books in English as well. Not sure about French... not just yet. 

Yuji xxx

PS Hartmut, Thank you for your advice. I added the one word to the translation!

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