30 October, 2012

Good Japanese Restaurants in Paris

My Boots Getting Locked by Yuji_in_Paris
My Boots Getting Locked, a photo by Yuji_in_Paris on Flickr.
I have heard that there are about 600 hundred Japanese restaurants in Paris now. And most of them are run by Chinese people.

I have no complaints, because there are many Chinese restaurants in Japan run by Japanese people...

Several people have asked me about good Japanese restaurants in Paris. So, here are some of them I like.

Isami (sushi)

Address : 4 quai d’Orléans 75004
Tél : 01 40 46 06 97

This is the only good sushi restaurant I can recommend. A little bit expensive. The food is very real.

Reservation is a MUST!

Nodaiwa (eel)

Adress : 272,rue Saint-Honoré 75001
Tél : 01 42 86 03 42

Grilled eel over rice is a special dish for Japanese people. A little expensive. The waiters and waitresses speak perfect Japanese!

Aki (okonomiyaki)

Address : 11 bis rue Sainte Anne,
75001 Paris
Tel :

What is okonomiyaki? My quick answer is Japanese pizza. LOL If you want to know more about it, Wikipedia is always a good idea.

Reasonable, always crowded!

Kunitoraya (udon)

Adress : 39 rue Sainte-Anne 75001
Tél : 01 47 03 33 65

Adress : 5, rue Villedo 75001
Tél : 01 47 03 07 74

There are two branches near Opera area. I like the new one on rue Villedo.

Udon is Japanese noodles in soup made of wheat, different from soba which is made of buckwheat.

Medium expensive. Always crowded.

Naritake (ramen)

Address: 31 rue de Petits-Champs, 75001
Tel: 01 42 86 03 83

New, reasonable, great for the price!

Please call them before going to the restaurants. In Paris, you never know what happens.

Yuji xxx

28 October, 2012

Looking For Home

Sunset Photographer by Yuji_in_Paris
Sunset Photographer, a photo by Yuji_in_Paris on Flickr.
To make it short, I wasn't a happy child. Because of my father's job and other family issues, we had to move one place to another very frequently.

We rarely stayed in one place for more than 3 years.

After changing schools so many times, I felt scared to make new friends. If I get close to them, it will be hard for me to separate from them.

Even now I am not good at saying good bye. But I am getting better making good friends.

Interesting to think how your childhood may affect your life later on. Thanks to my experiences, I am not scared to go to new places now. Travelling is one thing I enjoy most, as well as many other things.

I am a lot happier than a year ago, largely because I feel so much at home now.

Life is a long journey home. We are all looking for our home where we can peacefully end our lives.

And where you were born may not be the place. Some people are struggling because of this belief; "I was born here, so I need to live here forever."

I must say I am glad I wasn't one of them.

One more important thing, home is a state of mind. No matter where you are, you can be at home.

For some people it could be their birth places our countries, and for some others it could be elsewhere.

Yuji xxx

17 October, 2012

Yuji Is Back

Posterization Practice by Yuji_in_Paris
Posterization Practice, a photo by Yuji_in_Paris on Flickr.
Hello, all my friends.

Very sorry for the long silence. I was going through a big change of life, and was trying to balance my activities for Japan and for the rest of the world ;-)

I will try posting new entries more often in the future.

Fortunately everything is going well in my new life.

Now I am trying to find a new goal in life... I have been working so hard to get well settled as a writer for many years, I guess it's time for me to try to enjoy my life more.

Thank you all my friends for your support.

Sending you big hugs,