10 October, 2011

My Life as a Joke

I started this blog to write something silly.

And from my experience, doing something silly is very important.

When the earthquake hit Japan, I started getting more and more traffic. It was amazing...

I somehow felt I really need to report what is happening after the earthquake.

However, it was not my first intention.

I have decided to be silly again. Please don't expect any useful information on this blog!

I normally don't take life so seriously, unlike a Japanese man.

I have been telling friends for many years that "I want to live a life like a big joke.

Although I sometimes feel it's becoming too good for a joke, my basic idea for life hasn't been changed.

Life is great, as long as you don't take it so seriously!

About this photo, they are pigs I found at a passage in Paris. I wanted to bring one back to Tokyo!

But probably it's wise that I didn't. I will go back to the same passage and see them again.

I hope nobody has bought my pigs!

Yuji xxx

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