28 October, 2011

It's a Rooster

It's a rooster. In French, c'est un coq.

I am studying French very hard now.

Oh by the way, this photo was taken today in Tokyo.

One of the funniest things I have ever seen in Tokyo!!!

Yuji xxx

24 October, 2011

Stealing Umbrellas

Japan has a reputation for being a safe place. Even in the 21st century, it's true.

If you forget to receive your change at a shop or a restaurant, they will follow you quickly and give you the change, even if it's just 100 yen (a little bit less than 1 euro).

On the other hand there is one thing I don't understand.

People often steal umbrellas in Japan.

This must be a little known truth, so I really want to talk about it.

People often steal umbrellas in Japan!!!

And they don't mind it. Because they normally buy new plastic umbrellas for 300 yen...

It has happened to me so many times. And my friends have had the same experiences.

This photo was taken in Paris. It's a famous umbrella repair shop. It was closed when I visited. I have never seen an umbrella repair shop in my country, so it was very interesting to me.

But... I almost never see people carrying an umbrella in Paris. It's a mystery.

Only very rich people in France buy umbrellas? Or, umbrellas are out of fashion?

Yuji xxx

20 October, 2011

I Made a Big Mistake

Yesterday, I wrote that there are so many people coming to my blog looking for "cute manga people."

Just because I wrote about that, now my blog is listed on the search result for "cute manga people"

(If you are interested, please go to google)

What a stupid mistake I have made!!

Once again, if you have come to this blog looking for something cute, I am sorry.

What I like is something cool, and NOT something cute.

Yuji xxx

17 October, 2011

Cute Manga People

Cute manga people?

What is that?

I just checked Google WebMaster Tools (cool name) and noticed a lot of people find this blog by searching for "cute manga people."

Trust me, I am not one of those cute manga people, everyone!

I think they are looking for "costume players" who wear manga and anime characters' costumes.

It's very hot in Japanese pop culture. But it's not part of Yuji.

PS Although I am not a cute manga man, I am wondering what I should wear for Halloween this year.

Last year, I wore a British Royal Mailman's raincoat;-)

How to Master French

French is such a difficult language.

Pronunciation is especially difficult. Even saying "bonjour" is hard for me.

In just one word, "bonjour", there are two vowels and two consonants that Japanese language doesn't have.

A friend of mine told me he mastered French through "oral method." I am not sure what it is, but It sounded like he had had a lot of training, such as how to move his lips and tongue...

I think French people use their tongues more than people from other countries.

If so, maybe it's one of the reasons why French food is great?

Have a nice week, all my friends!

Yuji xxx

15 October, 2011

No Beer for 1 week

I just had a minor surgery this afternoon. Don't worry. It was something very simple.

But the doctor told me not to take any alcohol for 1 week... that is the difficult part.

I think I can still eat chocolates and ice cream, so I will somehow survive and recover.

Have a nice weekend, my friends!

Yuji xxx

10 October, 2011

My Life as a Joke

I started this blog to write something silly.

And from my experience, doing something silly is very important.

When the earthquake hit Japan, I started getting more and more traffic. It was amazing...

I somehow felt I really need to report what is happening after the earthquake.

However, it was not my first intention.

I have decided to be silly again. Please don't expect any useful information on this blog!

I normally don't take life so seriously, unlike a Japanese man.

I have been telling friends for many years that "I want to live a life like a big joke.

Although I sometimes feel it's becoming too good for a joke, my basic idea for life hasn't been changed.

Life is great, as long as you don't take it so seriously!

About this photo, they are pigs I found at a passage in Paris. I wanted to bring one back to Tokyo!

But probably it's wise that I didn't. I will go back to the same passage and see them again.

I hope nobody has bought my pigs!

Yuji xxx

08 October, 2011

Quand il me prend dans ses bras...

I wanted to buy some flowers today, but I couldn't go out until 8 pm.

This is the busiest period of year, writing articles for 2012...

But there was a nice surprise. One of my clients sent me a French made product, "Rose water".

As I am a man, I have no idea what I am supposed to do?

But it really smells wonderful. Brings me back good memories from France.

Have a wonderful week!

05 October, 2011

This One's For You

Words are just not enough.

That is why people hold each other, kiss, dance, sing, etc.

I often consider photography is a great way to send love and light to a distant land.

Thank you for reading this... Yuji xxx

PS, for a reason, I am uploading this post once again.