24 September, 2011

Made Fragile

I love taking photos of fences.

Please don't ask me why, I don't have an answer.

After having seen so many beautiful fences made of iron in Paris, London and some other cities in Europe, now I enjoy looking for bamboo fences in Tokyo.

Unlike iron fences, bamboo fences are fragile. But people fix them every time they get broken.

Somebody asked me why people make houses with wood and paper, when there are so many earthquakes in this country.

To my eyes, people in Japan traditionally don't have an idea to make houses to last hundreds of years.

Instead of making something solid and steady, they make houses with wood and paper.

When the houses are damaged, people just fix them, or build new ones.

Paper screens are very easy to get holes, and people fix them, or replace them with new ones.

There must be a good reason for them to make something fragile.

Don't ask me why. I don't have a clear answer.

Please just look at how this fence is made. The bamboos are tied together with thin ropes.

It's easy to be damaged, and easy to be fixed.

And an idea of "fighting with nature" doesn't exist with this fence.

Have a nice weekend, my friends!

Yuji xxx

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