10 September, 2011

Fukushima Update 9 Sep

Okay, I should get started with the reports today. This is my Fukushima Report Part 1.

I have a good friend in Netherlands, who studied in Fukushima many years ago. He was very close to his Japanese host family.

He was so worried about them, although he tried to call them, they never answered the phone...

So, I helped him, and found their land line number, and called the host family from Tokyo myself, representing my friend.

Fortunately, all the family members were safe. Their house was on the hill side, so it was not damaged by Tsunami.

Needless to say, most Tsunami victims were people who lived close to the sea...

According to them, so many people in Fukushima are worried about the air.

Adults need to go out and work every day. But they cannot let children play outside. Their children are 3 years old, and 1 year old.

I wonder what kind of influence the children may get from staying home all the time?

I asked them "what about kindergartens?"

The answer was "they are the same, they don't let children play on the ground. Only inside the buildings."

Also, they are so worried about food. The adults keep eating the same locally produced food, but they cannot let the children eat the same food.

The government, and the old media keep telling us that "the level of the radiation is not so high that it will harm your health immediately."

Even if that is true, what will happen in a long fun?

As I mentioned a while ago, young people trust TV and newspapers less and less. Their main source of information is Twitter.

It was very good that I was able to talk to real people in Fukushima, and learn about the reality of their life.

To be continued...

Yuji xxx

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