11 September, 2011

Fukushima Update 11 Sep

This woman honestly told me that there are many people who move to different places, some people up in the North, and some near Tokyo, moving away from Fukushima.

But they are very fortunate ones who have choices to do so. Majority of the people don't.

I have heard that some fathers remain in Fukushima where they have their jobs, and send the family to a safer place.

I just cannot imagine what it feels like to be a father who remains alone in Fukushima, sending his wife and children to another place.

I think there is a lot of stories reported about people who love Fukushima and remain there because they were born and raised there, and they want to stay in Fukushima even though they are aware of the possible danger.

However... what is more import than their own well-being?

Is the local community, the city, or the country more important?

I don't have a clear answer. But it must be something each person should decide on their own. Their lives are theirs, the choices are for them to make.

The media in Japan make it look like it's a beautiful story that there are many people who are "willing to stay."

I wanted to write about the fact that it's not what all the people feel or believe in.

Peace and love to all the people on earth.

I love you. Yuji xxx

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