08 August, 2011

Mon Amour Je Viens du Bout du Monde

This song by a Japanese singer, Kenji Sawada, was very popular in France in early 70s. It was when I was a little boy, such a long time ago. But many people in France remember this song.

"Mon amour je viens de bout du monde"... isn't it romantic or what?

What is amazing is that people in Japan don't know so much about the fact, this well known Japanese singer had a big hit single in France.

A lot of Japanese musicians are focused on US market, and they never achieve anything much.

Sure, the market in the US is very big. But it is very conservative at the same time.

I really would like Japanese people to know that people in Europe are more willing to accept foreign cultures.

Oh, by the way, this singer is a male singer. And he is not gay. lol 

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