19 August, 2011

Free Hug Champagne

About 19 years ago, there was a trend on young Japanese couples to kiss on the street.

It is largely because of this TV commercial; the girl asks her boyfriend to kiss her. So lovely.

It has been so many years since it became "okay" for lovers to kiss in public space, I don't see them kissing each other so much in front of other people.

My friends from other countries sometimes ask me if it's true that people in Japan don't hug.

Unfortunately it's true. But I know that they actually like to do it.

There was a time I was doing a "free hug champaign" with my clients (I used to take in clients for counseling sessions).

There were just so many clients, about 80 percent of them, asked me to give them a hug. Some of them sent me e-mail saying they wanted to ask for a hug but they were too shy...

There was one message which made me very happy. After she had a hug with me, she started giving her daughter every morning seeing her off to school.

And one morning, her husband asked her, "I also want a hug, like you do with our daughter..."

I never thought my hug would be so powerful, powerful enough to change the relationship of a married couple a little bit.

Not sure if I would do this champagne again, as I don't take in clients any more.

But I hope my clients are still hugging their loved ones...

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