31 August, 2011

Cat Talk

I can sometimes talk with animals as well as trees.

Nothings strange, it's only that I can communicate with them hear to heart. I can't hear their voices. But there are many ways in this world to communicate!

When I feel tired, cats often come up to me and talk to me.

About 8 years ago, when I was sitting on a bench in a local park near home in Tokyo, I saw a cat. I was so tired and lost that afternoon.

I was tired from busy work, but I never took any rest. I just kept working and working. Sitting on the bench for 5 minutes was the most I could do, escaping from my work...

This cat looked at me asked me, "Yuji, who do you never take a rest when you are tired?"

I was so shocked.

Not that I was able to communicate with the cat.

I was shocked by the truth that I didn't even think of taking a rest when I was so tired!

Soon after that, I quite working for one of my agencies (I was working over the phone for telephone counselling, as well as working as a magazine writer)

Then I reduced the amount of work I would take on regular bases. And I am learning to enjoy my life more.

If you are really busy, and you need to break, please tell your boss that you need a break.

"Because I was advised by a cat to take a rest..."

Your boss will probably give you a very long break!

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