28 July, 2011

Life in Tokyo Now

There Should be Sunshine After Rain 2 by yujiblog "Thank you from Japan"

Quite honestly, I haven't been checking Japanese web sites and blogs these days. People in East Japan including Tokyo are getting very negative. It makes me sad more than anything. 

On the other hand, it is very true that they have good reasons to be negative. But being negative and worrying doesn't help.  We need to move on. 

According to some study by scientists, drinking beer reduces the risks of radiation. I decided that it's a very good idea. 

I much prefer to have a glass of beer a day and enjoy life, rather than just worrying. 

25 July, 2011

Having No Expectations 2

I was walking on the street together with my friend, and we happened to see the guard. I had no idea what was happening there, but I was highly impressed.

This guard was so sophisticated and calm. Although she was surrounded by so many tourists and photographers (I am just one of them), she almost never moved.

After coming back from London, I read a guide book and learned about hours guards.
The hours guards are supposed to be very famous.

I have some friends in Tokyo who make fun of me always acting like this, but having not much previous knowledge seem to help me have a good time.

22 July, 2011


Every time I see street musicians, I feel so excited.

They go to different places every day and play music for different audiences. Just thinking of their life style makes me feel romantic.

I have always been attracted to vagabond or bohemian way of living. I think that is my nature.

There was a time I seriously wanted to become a street musician. But my friends stopped me.

It was a silly idea, because what I used to play was the piano!

In the past one and a half years, I have been travelling back and forth between Tokyo and Paris.

Some of my friends started calling me "a bohemian." I am not quite sure exactly what they mean, but I rather like that.

This bagpipe player played real good for free. Showing some respect, I left 2 pounds.

16 July, 2011

Having No Expectations

Having too many specific expectations can lead you to a disappointment.

If you don't have any specific expectations, every experience will all be a nice surprise.

It is especially true when you travel. If you hold onto "the image of the city" which you have created yourself, you could be disappointed.

07 July, 2011

Eiffel Tower / Life Without Computers

I can't imagine my life without a computer. I write articles and send them to my publishers as well as photos by e-mail.

That is how I make living. And I like this work style, because it gives me a lot of freedom. Basically with my laptop computer, I can work from anywhere.

But if I cannot use my computer, there are still many things I can do, although it means a major change of life.

This photo is the famous Eiffel Tower. Every time I see this great monument, I feel very impressed by the fact they made something so spectacular without a computer.

Of course, the Eiffel Tower is not the only things people made. Before computers came into our life, we were all doing everything without them.

Yes, it's possible. I have a friend who doesn't have a mobile phone nor a computer at home in his second house.

Maybe I can do it too, maybe sometime in the future... in 5 years or 10 years... Who knows.