13 June, 2011

Light is Coming Back

You can't imagine how happy I was to take this photo.

It was taken in West Shinjuku, where the famous film Lost in Translation was filmed. Also, I lived in this part of Tokyo for many years. So, I feel it's still my neighbourhood.

Lost in Translation: Wikipedia

It looks like full of neon lights, but please look at the top left. Many of the lights are still off.

It has been dangerously dark at night in Tokyo in the past 3 months. So I am very happy that the light is coming back.

Shops and restaurants realized how important for them to keep the lights on to attract customers. So, many private companies started turning the lights on.

Although it was a rainy evening, I felt happy and went out for photo shooting, eating out, having a drink with a friend;)

Meanwhile, the public spaces are still awfully dark. I can't believe the all the road lights are off on the main streets. Just this evening, the taxi I was on almost had an accident.

I had a good conversation with the taxi drivers then. It is almost like a miracle that there haven't been so many traffic accidents at night.

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