01 June, 2011

Life Goes On

Looking back on my childhood and younger days, there were just so many troubles and challenges. But I somehow survived.

And I know that I will keep living like that until the very last day of my life, together with lots of helps from other people, and lots of miracles.

I still feel the earth shaking, many times a day. 80 percent of the time, it's my imagination. And the rest is real earthquakes...

Anyway, I try not to worry about anything. No matter what happens, life goes on and on.

I have a friend who bought a pale green coloured gas mask and white protected gear against radiation. I thought to myself,  "they don't look so cool"...

So, I am not going to get any gear which I don't really want to buy.

On the other hand, I do respect his decision and feelings, as he was an earthquake victim in Kobe.

I believe there is no such a thing as "wrong choice" in life as long as it takes you where your hearts wants to go.

I am not following the latest news at all now, and my life is perfectly okay.

I am already busy enough with work, and on my free time, I am always looking for something beautiful and taking photos;)

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