30 June, 2011

Coca Cola Vending Machine


As I mentioned a while ago, I am glad that the light is coming back to Tokyo:)

Although private companies took a decision to turn on the signboards, public spaces are still dark including high ways!!!

I have asked some taxi drivers about it, and they told me it is very dangerous late at night because they can't see people on the dark streets.

It is wise to save electricity where the light is not needed, especially when nobody is there. For example, the entire office doesn't need to be bright when there are only a few people working late at night.

On the other hand, a vending machine with no lights on on a very dark street, it's a total waste of energy. Isn't it wiser not to have a vending machine at all where there is no light?

The machines are running at night using energy anyway... and making no money.

Saving energy is important. But we need to find a clever way to do it. We are learning it after making so many mistakes.

About this photo, this is a coolest looking vending machine I have ever seen:) Yes, the light is on!

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