02 May, 2011

Good Bye, Paris

I think I was very fortunate that I had planned a long visit to Paris soon after the big earthquake in Japan.

I was able to stop worrying about all the sad news from my country, and relax and enjoy life together with my friends here, new and old.

It was, of course, reported on the media that so many people outside Japan were concerned about us.

But during my stay in Paris, I really learned how the people actually cared for us, and how they were interested in our traditional culture.

It well known in Japan that people from many other countries love the Japanese "cute cute" pop culture (manga, amime, video games, etc) and sushi.

But now I know that those were not all they care for.

After I get back to Tokyo, I must tell all the Japanese people how France considers Japan as a good friend;-)

For over a century, those two countries have been attracted to each other.

One day I must find out exactly why!

I am going to leave my heart In Paris. I hope somebody takes care of it.

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