05 May, 2011

Boys Day

I safely got back to Tokyo yesterday evening with full of good memories.

I left my heart in Paris. I hope somebody is taking care of it!

5 of May is Chidren's Day, as known as Boys' Festival in Japan, it is a national holiday.

When I was a little boy, I was not very happy with it.

I never had a courage to tell my parents why. The reason was, I was so fascinated by the Girls Day

Girls Day, 3 of March, is full of glorious and fantastic items, hina dolls, peach blossoms, white sake (shiro-zake), lanterns, special sweets, etc, etc.

Girls Day images (google)

On the other hand, Boys Day items seemed to be always connected to the aggressive side of boys.

Boys Day images (google) 

One of the items is a decorative helmets, which I had no interest on:(

I never told my parents but I actually wanted a set of those beautiful hina dolls. It seemed quite unfair that just because I was a boy, I never had a chance to receive the dolls. I just had to put up with boring Boys Day items.

Anyway, as a little boy, I was never interested in boys toys in general for the same reason. And because I never wanted any of the boys toys, my parents almost didn't buy me any toys.

This photo was taken at Musée de l'Armée in Paris. The boy seems so excited to see big cannons, and the father seems somewhat happy to see him running around.

This is probably what my father wanted from me as a boy. But unfortunately I wasn't born that way.

As an adult, I prefer "a canon" than "a cannon," and it's for happy shooting;)

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