09 April, 2011

Words From Japanese People

I have noticed that since the earthquake on 11 of March, more people started reading my blog.
(Thank you very much!)

It seems like more and more people would like to know what ordinary Japanese people are thinking, in addition to what the media report.

Here is a great site, a list of blogs in English.

Japan Blog List 

Generally speaking, Japanese people are not good at speaking a foreign language.

And there aren't so many of them who feel like writing their thoughts and delivering their messages to the rest of the world in the English language.

I have advised a lot of Japanese friends that it would be a good idea for them to run an English blog.

Their answer was always the same.

"My English is not good enough. I have to study more English before that"

I know that their English is quite good, if not perfect.

To my blog readers in Japan... my English is far from perfect. But I think running this blog with my imperfect English is so much better than waiting for the day I can write perfect English!

So, I hope all of you excuse me for my poor English;) Have a nice weekend!

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