01 April, 2011

Personal Happiness

This is something not talked about so much...

While Japan grew so rapidly after the war, there was something which was often neglected.

Personal happiness!

So many companies are trying to save energy, and they try to close the offices early.

As a result, the employees can go home early, and have a little more time to spend with their loved ones, or have their own time away from work.

A lot of people in and around Tokyo spend over 1 hour or 2 hours each way on crowded trains. They do it twice a day.

And they often work over time. If they can finish their work at 5 PM, they are very lucky.

Even after they finish the day's work, they still have to have business dinner or drinks together with their co-workers.

Needless to say, they have very little private time to enjoy.

After the earthquake hit Japan, everything is changing. And of course, this is a positive change!

I remember until I was 25 or so, I had a difficult time to accept the idea of "enjoying life."

A lot of Japanese people still somewhat guilty about "enjoying life."

But now, they have realized that they were living for their companies, instead of themselves or for their loved ones.


I am an independent writer, I don't belong to any company.

What do you think? lol

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