18 April, 2011

A Moment of Forever

Generally speaking, most Japanese people think Paris is a very romantic place.

In a way, it is very true. The whole city has something magical to help people fall in love.

Some Japanese TV shows reported that couples in France go to the bridges over La Seine and make a wish by putting a lock on the bridge, and throwing the key into the river.

I think they make a wish so that they can be together forever.

I am not sure if it works, but for me, it is wonderful and beautiful that many lovers actually take a trip to Paris together, and make a wish.

When they are doing it, their love must be 100 percent pure. That is already a great achievement in a romantic relationship!

Couples believe in the ever lasting love. And here is the moment of forever.

Romantic relationships may die, or may not die. Even if they can live together for many years, one of them passes away leaving the other.

That is life. In this physical world, nothing is forever.

However, in reality, the spirits will never die. And their love can be truly ever lasting love.

But when I look at these locks, I just have to pray that these couples eventually find the "ever lasting love" of the spirit. Bless them! 

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