28 April, 2011

I Found Tokyo in Paris

Tokyo has a little bit of many other cities from all over the world.

It constantly adopts new culture from other countries, and it is very easy to find food from many other countries.

Chinese restaurants and Italian restaurants are very common, and already a part of the daily life of people in Tokyo.

People no longer think they are "ethnic food" these days.

This feeling is a little bit difficult to explain, but I often sense energy of other cities in the air.

I said "the air," but it is not just the wind you breath. It also has the warmth, humidity, air presser, sound, and smell, etc.

I often feel "Hong Kong air" or "New York City air" in Tokyo. It is made of many things, and it's fun to discover exactly what makes me feel that way. Sometimes the smell coming from the dry cleaners, sometimes the noises of cars on the street.

The photo is "Tokyo air" I found in Paris. A German photographer friend of mine also said this view also reminded him of Tokyo, so I am sure he was also sensing the same air then!

This is one of my favourite photos I took together with his great help. Danke!

Here is his beautiful web site.  Klaus Mellenthin

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