16 April, 2011

Daylight Saving

Daylight saving is a great idea to save energy.

All you have to do it, turn the clock forward, and start your day 1 hour early.

This is a very little known fact, but Japan did it after the war for 4 years.

It didn't work very nicely in my country.

People thought, since the sun was still up in the sky, they had to work more!!! So, daylight saving
caused working overtime...

If Japan starts daylight saving once again, probably it works a little better.

It's really time for people in Japan to shift their focus from work to their private life.

An editor I have been working with for many years told me, now she can go home early and spend her evening together with her parents. The publisher is telling the editors to go home early.

I know that she used to work until 11 pm or midnight every day...

Economy is of course something very important, and your job and making money are important too.

But if you don't enjoy your life with your loved ones, what is the point?

By the way, although I am staying in Paris at the moment, I am working for Japan, writing articles on my laptop and sending them to Japan.

I am very busy, but I am still enjoying myself a lot! It's wonderful the sun is still up in the sky after 7 pm in Paris!

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