03 April, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

The school year starts in April in Japan. It's the season of cherry blossoms.

As well as it is time for them to start something new, it is also the time to say "good bye" Some people move to a new place, and they start a new life there.

It is almost impossible to explain my feelings in a word or two, but there is a sense of "death" also in these beautiful cherry blossoms.

Some of the famous sights for cherry blossom viewing in and around Tokyo are grave yards.

One of my friend took his life over 10 years ago, leaving a note saying he wanted to end his life under the cherry blossoms.

Every time this season comes, I just have to think of all the dead people who gave me life, and feel the strength to live.

I don't feel sad. I just sense the energy in cherry blossoms to turn old into new. And the death into rebirth.

And they remind me what a magical and fantastic world we live in now.

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