13 April, 2011

Cherry Blossom Viewing Not Cancelled

My Boyfriend, a French man living in Tokyo, just sent me a beautiful photos of cherry blossoms and people doing "hanami," cherry blossom viewing.

I was so glad that people in Japan did enjoy the
beautiful cherry blossoms, despite the fact some politicians were telling people to cancel "hanami." this year.

The word, "jishuku" is often used in Japan at the moment, it means "voluntary restraint."

Some politicians were telling people to "volunteer not to have fun, because it is improper to do so now."

This must be a misuse of the word. If the politicians believe "voluntary restraint" is needed, they should do it themselves, instead of
asking people to do it.

I am not sure if this is reported outside Japan, but it is more and more obvious to my eyes that people in Japan are loosing trust in the government and the official sources.

As for me, I decided to trust my own gut feelings rather than what other people, including the media, tell us.

I have been working as a writer in Japan for many years, and I know that the news paper and TV stations are telling "what they want people to believe."

Over the past 6 or 7 years, I have been asked to appear on Japanese TV shows many times, and I kept rejecting the offers.  They always expect me to say what they want me to say.

According to some of my close friends in Japan, the information they get from twitter is the best at the moment! 

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