12 March, 2011

No More Food Left?

I have received so many message from many countries. It was a true disaster especially in Northern Part of Japan. But I am all fine.

For many hours, my mobile phone didn't work. Getting in touch with friends on Internet helped me a lot, otherwise I would have felt so sad.

I took this photo tonight, there is no food at a store in Central Tokyo! Many restaurants stopped serving food as they had no gas supply.

I was working home then, and I had lots of food at home. But many of my friends couldn't go home after work because the trains stopped running.

TV and Internet news are probably showing the worst part of the disaster, but it actually affects the whole country like this.

And not just Japan, it may give some influence on other countries as well...

I humbly accept the fact that people were giving a lot of damages to this wonderful planet for many years. And I would like to do what I can do through my writing and photography to save this planet.

I cannot do anything much alone. But if I can help other people a little, I believe it will make a big difference.

Thank you very much for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. You never know how much it helped me!

I love you, all.
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