07 March, 2011

French Antique Style

Don't Take Out Your Camera
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"French Antique Style" has been hot in Tokyo. There are so many shops that sell "antique flavoured" products.

They are different from fake antiques. People know that they are new. So, there is nothing unfair.

But... why do people in Japan buy those new products?

It's because they are reasonable, and they look kind of cute.

What people really want must be real French Antiques. But they are of course very expensive and difficult to find in Japan.

I was also once attracted to "French antique flavoured" products, furniture and all. But I got bored very quickly.

New or old, what I really want is something I can love for many years without getting bored.

Oh, I have seen a lot of fake Japanese products in the flea market in Paris...

If I have time, I want to start a Japanese antique business!

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