15 March, 2011

Don't Send Food to Yuji

In the past few days, I received a lot of kind words from all over the world, through this blog, fickr, ect.

Thank you very much for your kindness and friendship. It keeps me going!

Some of them asked me if I wanted them to send me some food... I am such a fortunate man!

At the moment, I am not in need. But there are so many people who really need some support.

If you are interested, please consider your local Red Cross, Gift Aid.
Please search for ones in your country on Google. 

Each country is different when it comes to tax issues, so please check it carefully;-)

Also, here is a good list.

How to help the victims of the Japan earthquake

I got the information from my Japanese friend in London, whom I have worked with. (Thank you!)

Nice and Lovely Tiny Things

Her blog is so interesting and cute, as the title suggests. Please check it out!

This photo was taken at a busy train station. People are so calmly waiting for the train making a long cue. It was an amazing view to me. 

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