30 March, 2011


I was interviewed by a Japanese magazine editor today.

As I am visiting Paris now, the editor and I talked over Skype, and everything worked very well.

We discovered a lot of good things together. We used to believe we needed an office space for interviews and meetings. But she was at home, so was I. (To be more exact, I am staying at my friend's apartment now)

Skype to Skype talk is free, and we didn't have to pay any phone bill.

She was saving the power and her room was dark. Her face was lit by candle lights. But I was able to see her face without any problem.

As much as the power, money, we both saved our time since we didn't have to get on the train to see each other!

According to her, the publisher is recommending the employees to go home early these days. So, she has more free time to see her parents and have dinner together with them.

Japan is going through a major change now. And everything is for the better!

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