28 February, 2011

Where is Yuji? (a little about me)

Pink and Blue in Paris
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Some of my blog readers asked me if I am really living in Tokyo.

It's just because I often upload photos of Paris!

Please excuse me, it is very selfish of me, running a blog about life in Tokyo, using so many photos I took in Paris...

But you never know, when I upload photos of Tokyo, my body may be in Paris!

I work as a self employed writer, writing for web sites, blogs, paid web sites, news letters, magazines, and my own books.

And I am a part-time photographer. I am expecting to receive more photo shooting project offers sometime soon.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to work as a freelance worker. But I often have to work through the weekend. I shouldn't complain, because it is the life I chose myself.

If I really want to, I can fly away tomorrow carrying my camera and PC, telling nobody where I am.

You may think it's nice. Yes, it is nice. But if I get a cold, there is nobody to take care of my work. So, it is a tough work at the same time with a lot of presseur. 

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