22 February, 2011

Why Do They Take Photos of Food?

Pink Plum Blossoms in Tokyo
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This is something I mentioned a while ago, but Japanese people often take photos of food at restaurants, and upload them onto their blogs, and SNS such as Twitter.

This is one thing I never do. I think it's rude to food and the people who have prepared it.

More than anything, I don't want to wait until they finish taking photos when I am hungry.

Taking photos takes a lot of energy, and I need to eat before taking photos!

Well, maybe they are keeping the record of what they eat for a health reason?  People in Japan are always serious about loosing weight (even though they don't need to!)

"Photography Diet" could be a good title for a book!

All you have to do is, take photos of everything you eat every single day, share them on SNS with like minded people. How does that sound?

(I should stop joking here)

Majority of Japanese people think it's normal because "all the other people are doing it." That is why they don't even wonder why they are doing it.

This mentality often applies to many activities in this country.

Largely because of my childhood outside Japan (I spent part of my childhood in Jakarta, Indonesia with my family), I really don't mind being different.

All the other people are taking photos of food, I don't have to do it;-) 

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