18 February, 2011

Sweet Memories by Seiko Matsuda

I noticed this blog is often visited by people who are looking for the information about Seiko Matsuda.

Thanks to youtube, now her beautiful voice can be heard all over the world. I am happy if I can help people find the treasure of this country.

This song was originally released as a "Side B Track", coupled with Garasu No Ringo (Glass Apples).

It was recorded for a TV commercial. I will tell you about it tomorrow.

Through amazon.com and youtube, I have had some chances to talk with some Seiko fans from the US.

According to them, good or bad, US pop singers no longer sing mellow and sweet songs like this.

She may not sing like Whitney Houston, and she may not dance like Madonna (I love both of them!) Though, unfortunately she didn't know that she didn't need to do so.

Considering the quality and the popularity her music once had, especially between 1982 to 1983, what she archived then in Japan was much more precious than her some smash hits in the US.

Now Seiko is a US green card holder, and her main focus is the US markets, (she is also an actress).

Seiko was famous and infamous for being a "burikko (pretender)," and acting "cute." Until she appeared, girls who act "cute" was considered to be somewhat stupid.

She is one of those who started Japanese "super cute/kawaii" culture way back then.

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