27 February, 2011

Zen Tulip

Tulips, Waiting to Bloom
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Japan has been importing many flowers from other countries. If you go to florists in Japan, you may be surprised how many non-Japanese flowers are there.

Chrysanthemums are often considered to be "Buddhist flowers for ancestors" and many people feel somewhat negative about them. (It is too bad...)

Roses are probably one of the most common and popular flowers in Japan.

Though, Japanese people have a special feeling towards cherry blossoms. I will write about it when I have some photos of them (soon!).

One morning, I got up early and took photos of these tulips. I was looking forward to see them blooming, but it was a little too early.

While I was taking many photos, I noticed there was only one bud I was attracted to. And this is the one.

Although this is a tulip bud, it reminded me of a lotus bud. And I felt a little bit of "Zen" feeling;-)

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