19 February, 2011

Cute Penguins, Beer, and Seiko

Full Moon in Tokyo
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Yesterday, I talked about "Sweet Memories" by Seiko.

This song was originally recorded for a TV commercial.

youtube:Sweet Memories (TV commercial version)

This commercial was quite sensational in 1983.

Cute penguin characters were used on this TV commercial, and Seiko, a cute pop idol singer, sang the song for advertising a canned beer.

These penguins became quickly popular, and later on they even made a film featuring them.

youtube:Sweet Memories (cinema version)

Of course, the target was beer consumers, adults. It was probably then that it became okay for adults to be cute and enjoy cute things.

Japanese "super cute" culture is not something totally new. But it had to wait for Seiko to appear in early 80's to be accepted by majority of people.

Even a can of beer can be cute, instead of cool... that is Japan, where I am from. 

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