09 February, 2011

Night Rainbow

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I like rainbows as they appear when I am not expecting them to appear in my sight. It always comes as a pleasant surprise, and makes me happy.

It looks like people who work for newspapers and news agencies feel the same.

If they can take a good photo of a rainbow in Tokyo, they feature it as one of the headline news on a major paper.

Rainbow images from Asahi.com 

For the people who are always following the latest depressing news, an image of a beautiful rainbow is just as meaningful as some political issues.

I saw this rainbow pinwheel on a busy street late at night in Tokyo. I just had to stop and take a photo, as it was so lovely.

(I remember it was in front of a Korean restaurant, too bad I wasn't hungry then)

Do you think if the science develops more in the future, and the weather forecast will can us "we can see a rainbow tomorrow afternoon"?

I am hoping;-)

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