05 February, 2011

Super Cute iPhone

iPhone4 on iPhone3
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iPhone is, of course, very hot in Tokyo. Together with some other phones, it will develop more and more.

I might have said it before, the only thing I don't like about my iPhone3 is that the camera is not very good.

People tell me iPhone4 has a better camera, and with some applications, you can use most of it. So, I am sort of waiting for what happens next.

A friend on mine told me, she was against iPhone because she couldn't put any straps on it.

Almost all the Japanese ladies like to put something "cute and little) on their mobile phones.

But iPhone is selling well. Does that mean "smart" iPhone is more attractive than other "cute" mobile phones?

Actually Japanese ladies started something different with their iPhone.

"Decorating iPhone!"

Indeed, Japan likes to produce "cute" things.

As for me, I am a man. So, I am decorating my iPhone with a black leather cover;-) It's butch.

This photo is my male friend's iPhone 4. Totally naked (butch). 

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