24 February, 2011

In Love With an Umbrella

People in Japan like carrying umbrellas. Not only on rainy days. When it's sunny, many Japanese women carry parasols.

Parasols are recently really hot in Tokyo. A parasol is an important item for Japanese goth-lolita girls.

As I don't really like carrying too many things. I am happy to wear a waterproof jacket, and walk in the rain with no umbrella.

But it doesn't mean I don't like umbrellas. I like watching other people's umbrellas.

I took this photo a while ago in front of a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo. This fluorescent green colour caught my eyes.

I saw this colour in Hong Kong so many times. But it was truly my first time to see it in Japan then! I guess this umbrella came from Hong Kong or China.

My camera was running out of battery, so, I borrowed my friend's camera and captured it.

It was the moment I fell in love with the umbrella.

If I were a French man, I would say, "coup de coeur."

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