11 February, 2011

Ile Saint-Louis

Ile Saint-Louis
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This is an old clock at an old church, in an old part of the city of Paris, lle Saint-Louis.

Living in a city like Tokyo where almost everything is new, it's really amazing to see things over a 100 years old.

Japan has many earthquakes, and that may be one of the reasons there aren't so many old buildings here.

I like lle Saint-Louis, when I am there I can forget about time. And I can believe that there is something more important than time.

I took this photo on Christmas, 2009, not so long ago.

When I looked at it several days ago, I thought the resolution was very low, and my old camera was not good enough any more.

I am a real Japanese...

So, I decided to change the colour, and make it look even older;-)

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