04 February, 2011

Country Life

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Slow, country life in an old country house is hot in Tokyo.
That is actually what many of people dream of now.

People, especially straight couples with no children, and gay couples talk about buying a country house and living there.

They just would like to live a quiet life after they retire.

There are some magazines in Japan that suggest a country life.

People in Japan call it "slow life," it's another "buzz word."

Tokyo had a big earthquake in 1923, and a lot of bombs were dropped during the war. As a result, Tokyo has very very few old buildings left.

Buying a house in Tokyo is very expensive. But probably people can afford an old country house in a remote region.

Also, for people who are living a busy life in Tokyo, idea of "living a simple and peaceful life in a quiet place" comes to mind quite naturally.

There has been an interesting trend among young people. Some artistic people loved traditional houses called "machiya"  in Kyoto.

They buy those houses and restore the outside, and change the interior in their own style.

From what I have heard from people who actually own country houses, it is a of work. But living in a quiet environment, being well connected to the nature still fascinates me.

You need some money, health, a car, and some good friends to support you.

For me, I also need a high speed Internet connection for my work!

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