12 February, 2011

Bear and I

Bear and I
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This photo was taken a while ago at a Bear Farm in Japan.

I was once told by an American psychic to go to a zoo and meet bears.

He said, "you will be amazed how much they will want to talk with you."

What he said was so true.

This bear and I were able to have a talk through a window.

It's a secret what he and I were talking about. It was a very special experience.

I wish I could understand his language more. But at least I could tell him how much I respect him.

Oh, I will tell you just one thing...

According to him, the bears in the Bear Farm have a special relationship with ravens.

"When we want to eat some fresh food from the forest, we ask the ravens to bring them back to us."

But he was still happy to eat the cookies (provided by the Bear Farm) I gave him.

I must go back to see the bear and talk more.

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