08 February, 2011

Animal Healing

Having a little dog as a pet is hot in Tokyo.

Dogs are getting smaller and smaller. I often see ladies on the train with their little dogs in their bags.

I personally love all the animals, cats, dogs, birds, and everything.

I had many pets as a child, but after my cat, who lived for 15 years died, I never had any.

The reason is I travel a lot, and I don't want to leave my pet home.

There are many pet hotels in Tokyo who travel without their pets, but they are VERY expensive!

Since the number of married couples without children in Tokyo, (of course, there are more and more gay couples too), they like to spend money on their pets. Probably the pet hotels are not so expensive for them...

I know somebody who recently opened a clothing store for dogs. She told me her shop is busy in winter, but there is almost no business in summer... (How about selling swimming shorts for dogs?)

And, there are some "pet spas, or pet hot springs".

What's more, there are grave yards for pets as well. Some people have funerals when they loose their pets. A lot of business opportunities!

Oh, there are some dog cafes. People can go to the cafes with their dogs.

There are also places called "cat cafes"

Wondering what they are? They are different from dog cafes.

In those cat cafes, the cats are a kind of attraction.

At these cat cafes, you can see lots of cats. They are popular among people who can't have pets.

I am not sure how happy those cats and dogs are... But people say "animals heal us." Maybe it's true.

I wonder if those dogs and cats also need to be healed?

I live in central Tokyo, so I don't see so many wild animals, but there are many sparrows, pigeons, and ravens ever where.

For now, I am happy to go to a park, and watch the birds, go to a zoo or some other places and see big animals;-)

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