30 January, 2011

Shoot Tokyo

New National Theater
Originally uploaded by yujiblog
I always enjoy looking at photos of Japan taken by photographers from other countries, a lot more than the ones by Japanese photographers.

They always give me inspirations, help me find a new and fresh view on what's familiar to me.

This blog, Shoot Tokyo, is one of my favorite photo blogs. Dave is a photographer based in Tokyo. Please take a look!

These photos taken in my ex neighborhood was quite impressive. These images are what I used to see every night. But I didn't even think of taking any photos where I lived.

I am a night person, largely because of my writing work, and I often saw the city late at night or early in the morning when nobody was out on the street.

Tokyo looks so different without people. It's not dead, it's not alive. It's like a scene in another dimension to my eyes.

Thank you, Dave, for sharing great photos!

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