15 January, 2011

Sacred Corner

Sunlight Magic
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As a writer, I have been telling people that the most sacred place on earth is their own home.

People in Japan are more and more interested in visiting so called "power spots (sacred sights)".

I was so surprised when TV started introducing the well close to where I used to live.

It is in the middle of Tokyo, but the water is so clear, especially great for green tea.

I would go there and bring back some water for tea and cooking occasionally.

This well has become a "power spot" one morning.

Unless I get up at 4 am and wait in the line for many hours, I can't visit the well any more.

Now there are too many people who want instant luck, without giving out.

By the way, what's special can be found anywhere. Even if you don't have time to go outside, you can still find miracles.

Your home is where you can be yourself, where you can rest and get charged up for tomorrow.

It should be considered as a sacred corner which is more precious than any famous spiritual or sacred sights.

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