30 January, 2011

Ramen-ya in Tokyo

Many of my friends from other countries tell me they like Ramen.

It's a Japanese style Chinese noodle dish.

Japanese people are good at adopting new things from other countries, and develop them in their own style. Ramen is a very good example.

Although it is not purely Japanese, ramen is part of Japanese culture. Ramen shops are everywhere in Japan.

People sometimes wait for a long time outside the shops just for a bowl of noodles...

There is a great Japanese movie called Tampopo.  It's a success story of a ramen shop. If you like ramen, it's well worth watching it.

Oh, by the way... when I lived in Hong Kong, I saw so many ramen shops everywhere. So, they are "Hong Kong style Japanese style Chinese noodle shops."

Probably people in Hong Kong don't know Japanese ramen is originally from China? Or, maybe they don't really mind as long as the food is good!

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