21 January, 2011

Paris Syndrome

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There is a medical term, Paris syndrome or le syndrôme de Paris.

Several French people told me about Japanese visitors in Paris who suffer from it. Some of them are actually taken to a hospital.

It is sort of cultural shock. Some Japanese visitors have too many expectations when they first visit Paris, and when they see the realty, they get panicked.

What are they expecting?

A romantic experience they have seen in French movies!

Unfortunately, not all the visitors fall in love with the local people.

5 years ago, when I first visited Paris, I honestly didn't have any expectations. I was on my way back from a business trip to some other place, and I needed to spend several days in Paris.

So, everything was a pleasant surprise to me.

I know that Japan is getting more and more popular, largely due to Japanese pop culture, anime, manga to start with.

I truly hope visitors don't have to suffer from Tokyo Syndrome.

Not everything is cute here, although Japanese people love cute things.

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