26 January, 2011

Looking For Amélie

In Montmartre
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For young Japanese people, Montmartre is the world of Amélie.

On my 5th visit to Paris, thanks to a great help from my good friend, I was able to see some famous sights including this beautiful wind mill in Montmartre!

(Merci beaucoup pour tout! Tu es très gentil!)

I knew that there was a cafe where the movie was filmed. But I didn't go there, because I probably wouldn't meet Amélie.

Another friend of mine told me about typical Japanese visitors to Paris.

They are always walking around in a group. They carry a little guidebook to Paris, and they follow exactly what it tells.

They go to very specific places, order specific dishes, buy specific items suggested in the guidebook.

No wonder I run into very few Japanese visitors in Paris. They act so different from me!

Amélie is a great movie, and is actually one of my favorite movies.

But you can experience a lot more in Paris if you don't expect the world of Amélie.

I wonder what visitors to Japan expect when they visit?  I truly hope they can find more than the world of Hayao Miyazaki.

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