20 January, 2011

Is Tokyo clean?

Shinagawa Station, Tokyo
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Every time I come back from my trip, I am surprised how clean Japan is.

No trash on the streets, and there are very few trash bins...

It was a mystery for a long time. "What do the people do with their trash when they are outside?"

My French friend gave me a simple answer.

"They keep their trash in their bags or pockets..."

I see... no wonder.

His answer helped me find an answer to another question I had had for a long time.

"Why are Japanese houses so messy?"

The people maybe neat and tidy outside, and they are more relaxed at home. I think they take the trash back home...

I am Japanese, but I don't get invited to my Japanese friends home too often. Because their houses are often messy.

My mother, who passed away 4 years ago, never invited me to her home for many years. The reason was, it was so messy there.

I was never allowed to enter her home for many years until she passed away. After that, my father gave me a clear answer.

"That was because the house was too messy to invite you..."

A lot of visitors tell me that they were so amazed how clean my country is.

But if they have a chance to visit Japanese houses (which doesn't happen so often), they can see another side of Japan!

As for me, I am trying to keep neat and clean outside, and at home!

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