06 January, 2011

If I owned Tokyo

If I owned Tokyo, the first thing I would do is get rid of all these electric cables.

Kawagoe, the city I was born, looks nice partly because the old part of the city doesn't have electric cables now.

This is one of my favorite buildings in Tokyo, a German style fire station.

Really too bad that I don't own Tokyo.

I know that if I take time, I can electronicaly delete the cables from the photo, but I don't own time either.

It's easier and faster to upload this photo as it is, and show the world what Tokyo looks like as it is.

So, the first thing I would work on is the cables.

Then, the second thing would be the uniforms of firemen and policemen.

Japan has many famous and talented fashion designers.

It is almost like a mystery that they don't design nice uniforms for the local firemen and policemen.
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