16 January, 2011

I miss you, Hong Kong

At a restaurant in Hong Kong
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One of the problems I have in my life is, wherever I go, I meet good people and make friends with them.

If I visit Hong Kong for just a few days, there is never enough time to see them all.

And the ones I didn't get to see during my stay somehow discover that I was actually there, and feel upset that I didn't see them on my visit.

And another problem is that I miss the places I visit so much.

Every time I come back from my trip, I get so confused.

I find myself looking for wan ton noodle shops in Tokyo, and then I realize I am not in Hong Kong any more...

Or, I find myself looking for a French style cafe in town, and unable to find one...

Oh, I sometimes feel surprised in Tokyo that everybody speaks fluent Japanese!

All of these are happy problems.

I consider myself one of the happiest to have freedom to visit many countries, and have many good friends all around the world.

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