09 January, 2011




was at my friend's apartment.

As I was trying to move one of his antique lamps, I dropped something and broke it.

I knew that it was an Émile Gallélamp, needless to say, it was very precious.

My friend was away for shopping, and I had no idea what to do. I actually went to an antique shop and looked for some lamps by Émile Gallé, but I didn't like the price.

Looking at the broken pieces of glass, I noticed that only the top part of the lamp was broken, but the bottom part was still safe.

While cleaning the floor, I had some inspiration.

"Maybe I can use the bottom part as a flower vase?"

So, I went to a florist in the neighbourhood, and bought a little bouquet. Just my way of saying "I am sorry."

My friend came back home, and he was so pleased to see these pretty flowers on the coffee table. Knowing that he liked the way I arranged the flowers on the table, I explained the whole situation.

He said he didn't mind, the Émile Gallé lamp was from some Eastern European country and was very reasonable when he found it.

Still not sure if he was just trying to make me feel better... but he sure appreciated the flowers and my idea of using the remaining part of the lamp as a flower vase.

Later on, I took some photos of the flowers in the vase... and I just loved the result.

What I dropped on the flower vase was my camera!

Yes, I took this photo with the same camera which broke the lamp.

Now I can say "the camera which gave me a great inspiration and a sense of creation."

A good memory from Christmas.

(Dear readers, I did something stupid, and this page looks a bit funny. I will have to do something to fix it soon! Yuji) 


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