14 January, 2011

Cat In Chinatown

Cat In Chinatown
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If I were a cat, a Chinatown is probably one of the places I would like to live.

A lot of food to eat, a lot of visitors to spoil me, maybe?

Yokohama is just outside Tokyo. It has a nice deep bay, and in some ways it is more international than Tokyo.

One of the attractions is the Chinatown. There are shops, restaurants, Taoist temples, etc. It is a perfect place for visitors when they want a day outside Tokyo.

Just yesterday, for unknown reason, I started missing my old camera. This is one of the very first photos I took with it.

The camera was owned by somebody I used to know. She gave up the camera saying it was more suitable for me, rather than for her.

I didn't know exactly what she meant. But now I know that her intuition was right.

It was such a lovely camera, and it always gave me pleasant surprises. There was something magical about it...

At one point I got a little scared of it. So I also gave it up.

If you are a serious photographer, you probably understand.

If you don't, I would say "good!"

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